RS: Collection01

The past year hasn’t been easy for any of us, not only those in the cultural or event sector. Months full of insecurity, uncertainty, and loads of cancellations lie behind us. It’s all the nicer – and the more humbling – that we’re still here. Still kicking high, and not with a tiny ounce less passion and conviction for our cause.

A cause that – contrary to the views of some of our highly-decorated cultural politicians and columnists – is comprised of more than simply being a gastronomic business, more that just serving drinks with background music, more than a shiny bass circus for bored millennials wanting to annoy their boomer parents.

Techno is more. More than a mere musical genre, more than a pure leisure activity, more than a cultural and political opportunity to provoke those generations whose ideas of progressive music got stock sometime around 1968.

Techno is culture. Techno is a statement. Techno is community.

And we are incredibly grateful for this community. For each and every one of you who have been with us along the way for the past 15 years and beyond, and especially over the past few months.

We have been listening, believe us. We are grateful for every message that has reached us through our channels, asking if we were doing fine and whether there was a way to support up. We’re grateful for every single donation we received as part of our crowdfunding at the beginning of the year. We’re grateful for every throwback story on Instagram, in remembrance of better times. Because with every time, with every message, we are being reminded why we’re still out here, keeping up with all the bullsh*t being thrown at all of us this year. We’re doing it for you. For us.

In this spirit, we had planned a little something this year, which should actually have seen the light of day for our 15th anniversary and the associated festivities. But hey, it’s a pandemic, and better late than never, right? With this in mind, we are proud to present you our RS:Collection01! (available for purchase on Monday the 21.12.20 from 17:00h HERE) Our new design put on fabric, exclusively, by us, for you.

Treat your friends, treat your loved ones, treat yourselves, because honestly – there’s nothing else good coming this year.

On that note, remember – stay healthy, stay loving, stay loved! Yrs, Team RS